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Technical area


Firmwares Topline

Barometer HR


Ultrasonic Speedo

Ultrasonic speedo sensor v1.8_starboard/center.exe

Ultrasonic speedo sensor v1.8_port.exe

Fluxgate compass

Fluxgate compas sensor_v1.8.exe


Gyropilot Graphic-v3.4.exe

Heel angle

 Heel angle sensor_v1.2.exe

HR masthead unit

HR mastead unit with new windmill V2.8.exe

Masthead unit

Masthead unit_v2.7.exe

Masthead unit with new windmill V1.1.exe

Wired remote control

Wired remote control_v2.1.exe



Radio receiver

Radio receiver_v2.4.exe

 Regatta Compas Interface

Regatta_compass interface v1.4.exe

Log sondeur interface

Log sondeur interface_v2.1.exe

NMEA input interface

NMEA input interface_v1.3.exe

Interface Sortie NMEA

NMEA output interface_v1.5.exe 

Dual Log Soundeur interface

Dual Log soundeur interface v2.1.exe


TL25 V2.3.exe


Multigraphic V2.3

Logiciel Toplink

Logiciel Toplink V3.0.exe

WARNING: for proper operation of the TOPLINK V2.6 software and more, it is imperative to udapte your USB interface with USB/Interface firmware V2.9 below. .

Installation des drivers USB Toplink avec WINDOWS 8.1

Firmware interface USB/Topline V2.9exe

Evolution firmware USB/Topline

Notice Toplink 2

Processor HR

Logiciel Processor HR V3.2

Logiciel Processor HR V3.9*

* WARNING: on this version the pilot HR having evolved with mode “Rafale” and mode “Surf”, a license to the amount of 3000€ is necessary for its functioning (contact the sales department).

HR processor software development

HR Processor User Manual

HR Pilot User Manual

3D Sensor V3 User Manual

LogAnalyser V2.0

LogAnalyser user manual



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