An other system, running on with nke MOB system, has been developped by Yellowbrick Tracking : ‘capsize’ tracker. The capsize trackers are automatically set to report every 15 minutes as soon as they are turned on. In case of capsize, nke system sends over a MOB message to the Yellowbrick tracker, which one will generate an email and text-message alert to multiple recipients on the race management team if a transmission arrives.

Unique experimentation which is going to catch sailors and race organizers’ attention… During the Barcelona World race, every boat will be equipped with a Yellowbrick tracker !

nke Marine Electronics equips between 60% and 90% solo race boats (Class40, Mini transat, Figaro) : for the “non nke-users”, they just need to take a nke MOB system aboard.

More info on nke MOB system

More info on Yellowbrick Tracking



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