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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the true wind mode not available on my pilot?

Check that true wind is displayed on the multifunction units and make sure you have entered the code for true wind option.

Why is the GPS mode not available on my pilot?

Check that you have an active course on the GPS, that the GPS is connected to an NMEA input (TL 25, Gyropilot Graphic, interface) and that it is properly initialized. If such is the case, you should be able to read “heading and distance to waypoint” and “cross-track error” on the Topline bus.

Why is my actuator not moving?

If the boat speed is zero, only the “helm” mode can operate.

When you are in helm mode and pressing AUTO, check that you cannot move the helm. If you are able to move it, it means that the actuator is not engaged. The problem can come from the calculator which does not power the coil of the clutch (white wire) or that the slide is not activated by the coil powered by the calculator.

Check that the pump is powered when you change the set point in helm mode, otherwise check that the calculator is powered over the power cables, that the fuse is appropriate, or that the breaker is engaged.

What to do if the wheel of the anemometer sensor no longer rotates?

Either it has been subjected to a shock or the bearings are worn and should be replaced. Uninstall your sensor and return it to your local distributor.

What to do if the menus of the displays have switched to English?

This was probably caused by a power problem, the system has returned to factory setting. Go to “configuration” and select the language you wish to use. We advise you to install a 12/12V converter to avoid this problem.